Why Mosquito Is Just So Dangerous

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Do not be too sure of yourself the next time you decide to slap a tiny mosquito dead on arrival on your arm. Because here is what could happen next. There could be something of an aftershock. This is how it happens. As you smack the mosquito dead on your arm, the shock of it all forces the mosquito to involuntarily let go of its needle. So, at the end of it all, it ends up biting you in the arm anyway.

And then there is the blood. Those who are squeamish may of course look away. But you still need to read this first. The mosquito control company in Jennings will be releasing its own shot of venom. Not that the mosquito will be releasing much in the way of venom, as would have been the case with a bewildered bee, a stuttering spider or a mean snake. Now, what do all of these creatures just mentioned have in common.

You see, all they were trying to do was protect themselves. They actually meant you no harm. But so it goes in nature that accidents do happen. You stumble across a bee and this is what happens. It’s tragic really because while there are those who could very well be allergic to the bee’s sting, the poor creature dies upon releasing its venom. So much for wishing to protect itself. Actually, it’s not doing that even.

It’s protecting its queen. Gosh! What a brave soldier! But who or what is the mosquito protecting? Oh, no one and nothing in particular, just its own bloodthirsty interests. And to close this deadly article, the blood that you see on your arm could very well be infected with a virus. Could it be that virus?

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